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This site is dedicated to Mini, the most wonderful entity I have encountered in my life, including humans.

The complete “How the industry killed my soulmate” is not for the fainthearted and can be found here.

New Year!

Eddie 2009, the beautiful Mother of four Miracles 2007-11-01 -  2018-01-25

My best friend talked me in to take care of a somewhat difficult ‘return’. I never had a cat before. Only 6 big dogs over the years (and birds, snakes, lizards, fishes etc).

I tried to get close to ‘him’ in a slow pace… In a very short time I learned to love her.

Suddenly one morning Eddie became Hedda, and surprisingly gave birth to four Gremlins! I had to learn fast what was needed…


…to take care of the tiny miracles.

Later on a  (difficult) decision

was to only keep two.

Weight graph for the early period.  


Mini where given. And he clearly did choose Donna.

Hedda got a great new home with my best friend (her problem would have transfered to the kids).


Another wonderful year. Second  summer on the  island.


Gremlins discovering the world!


 Another wonderful year. Some journeys.



Two great summers on the island.


-2023 6/11

Years go by so fast, and they are now “elderly”. In excellent shape (graph), until a disastrous malpractice ended all joy.

Their last happy years together…

2023 7/11- 

Donna, mostly unhappy and looking for Mini. Trying to get her to eat and drink enough (graph). Always sleeping on Mini’s favorite toy. Daily tours to coffee shops and the car shop to keep her distracted. Me too…

Enjoying the first warm spring sun.

Mouse pad is a cosy place. She never steps on the keyboard.

Some small talk…


Out in the Café

30°C/86°F good with AC

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